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Music For Nations (1983)
Rating: 8/10

The Rods are my kinda band, true rockin’ rollers in every sense of the word. Unlike today’s 17-year-old poser boy bands, whose biggest worry is to find a new pair of leg warmers to match their spandex, The Rods grind out their brand of metal with ‘Cold Sweat And Blood’. Although the band seems to be in a rut of late (no major record label since the old Arista days), they still seem to get records out and keep getting better.

This brings us to the new LP Live, which is a no-frills package where you know just what to expect and get it. No ballads, no epics, no nonsense… just pure rock’n’roll delivered with the exhilarating power so exemplary of The Rods. Out of the nine cuts on the LP, all but ‘Hurricane’ are new. The new songs come out of the In The Raw mould and performed live proves that The Rods are one of the tightest outfits today.

On the whole, the songwriting of The Rods is not the most memorable, but the playing and energy produced on cuts like ‘Hellbound’ and ‘The Viper’ is great! The boys even give us a taste of power metal on ‘Speed Demon’.

Hopefully, this LP will give Rock Feinstein and company the respect they deserve. If you like raw, rockin’ metal and are an upset Motörhead fan, you’ll love this album.

Philip DiBenedetto

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 3 (1984)

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