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The Architects Of Guilt

Solid State (2011)
Rating: 5/10

Talk about the biggest sophomore slump in recent memory! No, this isn’t a bad record. But The Famine calling it quits less than two months after releasing this disc has to be some kind of record. Life got in the way, which is understandable and even admirable.

That aside, The Architects Of Guilt is certainly brutal. Mark Garza plays like his life depends on it, solidifying his place as an incredible drummer. Andrew Godwin’s guitar riffs are lightning fast and precise, although the solos leave a bit to be desired. Jon Richardson’s bass keeps the low end intact, and vocalist Nick Nowell provides high screams and low guttural tones of diversity throughout.

With production by D. Braxton Henry (ex-Devourment) and mixing duties by Jason Suecof (Trivium, DevilDriver, All That Remains), the album is sonically excellent. Musically, this is more like Garza and Godwin’s former band Embodyment from the Embrace The Eternal era. And while that incarnation of Embodyment was technically precise, it lacked the emotionally improved songwriting that came with their heralded The Narrow Scope Of Things. Only on album closer ‘To The Teeth’ do we get the grinding groove of that past greatness.

The Famine’s debut The Raven And The Reaping was a superior album. Give me more of the aforementioned ‘To The Teeth’ any day.

Chad Olson

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