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Zombie Attack

Noise (1986)
Rating: 7/10

When I was in Germany recently I heard some favourable and some not so favourable comments about this band, so I listened with interest to this, their debut album out on Noise. What did I think, I hear you ask?

Well, to be honest I wasn’t exactly leaping in the air, but nevertheless I think it works so I will recommend it. If you liked the simple riffs of Living Death’s Vengeance Of Hell debut LP then you’ll like this, especially tracks like ‘Poison’ and ‘Screamin’ Victims’. I would compare the band to a mixture of the hardcore punk style and the simplicity of someone like Vardis and I’m sure you could find tracks like ‘Mercenary’ on any US hardcore album.

Have I discovered a band who are undoubtedly tagged with the thrash label trying to play hardcore, or is it just that the band are still young and have some way to go to develop their style? I go for the latter. The guitar work of Axel Katzmann and Andy Boulgaropoulos is good but there are some tatty areas in Gerre’s vocals which could be ironed out.

Most of the tracks work well, but I think you have to give this album a long reign, since playing it non-stop may bore some because of its lack of outstanding technical songs. Fear not, the energy and enthusiasm shows through if you let it. Not bad for a debut effort – keep trying.

Mike Exley

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 20 (1986)

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