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Iron Records (1984)
Rating: 8/10

Dare I say that this lot are the latest Dave Reynolds discovery? The curiously named Taist Of Iron come from Tacoma, Washington and are fronted by a very powerful vocalist in the form of Lorraine Gill, whose vocals can best be described as a cross between Lee Aaron and Wendy O. Williams.

Now, this record isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, particularly from a part of the US that has spawned acts of the quality of TKO, Overlord, Heart and (cough!) Queensrÿche, but I really believe that if this outfit got in a professional renowned producer to teach them a thing or two then Taist Of Iron could come up with something truly stunning.

The band’s debut album, produced by guitarist Wylum Pearson, is chock-a-block full of wailing guitars, heavy bass lines and thunderous drumming; which is okay if you like that sort of thing, but I feel the songs themselves become a little lost beneath this slightly heavy-handed approach, and Lorraine’s unique vocals could really rip your guts out if given a more sympathetic treatment at the mixing desk.

Resurrection is an album that many of you should enjoy. There are hard ’n’ fast tracks that walk on a knife edge, such as ‘The Gates’, and if you want clichés try ‘Bloody Axe’ for size, which has wind ’n’ bell effects, Black Sabbath riffs etc.

Guitar fans will get an added kick out of the ever present pyrotechnics of Pearson, who is pretty adept at all things axeceptable; even if he does indulge in Van Halen mirror imagery on one of three short guitar intros on the album, namely ‘Metal Taco’ (I could do with some Tacos right now, I love ’em!).

This group, completed by Mark Glabe on bass and Jeff Massey on drums, is definitely in for some further coverage in Metal Forces very soon. If you have a ‘Taist’ for Iron Maiden then the lovely Miss Gill (who incidentally screams like nobody’s business on my favourite LP cut, ‘Ouija’) is the maiden to look for. Pleasant dreams!

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 12 (1985)

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