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Born To Rock

Pit Bull (1984)
Rating: 8/10

LA’s Sound Barrier were the first all-black heavy metal unit to get a major deal. It’s a real shame they lost it, because what material I’ve heard from their debut, Total Control, convinced me that they really did have something. Still, the guys have now bounced back with this five-track mini-LP.

Well, they’re good and they’re hard. A raunchy riff bounces through the opener, the ultra-catchy ‘Conquer The World’; Spacey T. is certainly a very impressive guitar player. I like this band! They even attempt to revive some life into that well-worn Steppenwolf song ‘Born To Be Wild’. I tell ya, TKO used to do the definitive cover of this and I’d rather have heard another original.

‘Raging Heart’ ends side one with some dirty headbangin’ material, and the way Bernie K. delivers his vocals makes this track remind me of that ages old US metal obscurity Crystal Suspension on speed! Again, it’s a catchy hookline that captures my interest, with some really intense rhythm work from Stanley E. (bass) and Dave Brown (drums).

‘Born To Rock’ itself has distinct Iron Maiden overtones and is fast. Lastly, ‘Do Or Die’ ends proceedings a little more down-tempo and a little more radio-airplayable.

Sound Barrier are great! Interview anyone?

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 10 (1985)

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