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Let The Truth Be Known

Shrapnel (2008)
Rating: 8.5/10

Souls Of We is the brainchild of Dokken axe wizard George Lynch and former Brides Of Destruction wailer London LeGrande, and it’s a worthy addition to any record collection. In sound Let The Truth Be Known reminds me of countless records that emerged in the mid 90s, as there’s a strong, muddy grunge style feel throughout, but the songwriting alone enables the band to rise from the swamp like a leviathan.

This is a clever record with so many nice subtle touches; the brilliant ‘St Jude’ has a real backwoods, river bottom feel, whilst the fuzzy title track is dense in its production with Lynch’s riffs almost saturating the record in a Black Sabbath-style quagmire.

But every now and then, despite such weighty excursions, ie ‘Skeleton Key’, and ‘Sorry To Say’, there is a track of such splendour that I’m dragged back in once more. ‘January’ too really soars above the murk, and I’m hearing LeGrande in a different light now. His pipes at times may be fragile, but he’s proving himself to be an accomplished rock frontman, although one still searching for identity.

Overall, Souls Of We are a cool band, but what the future holds is difficult to say, as so many records of this ilk have a ‘side project’ feel to them, and sometimes that’s when they work best. For now, Let The Truth Be Known exists as a dirty slab of a record that deserves your attention, and Mr Lynch dazzles me every time, forever making Dokken seem like some long extinct dinosaur. So long may he continue to carve new niches with his deadly weapon.

Neil Arnold

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