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Heavy Metal America (1985)
Rating: 10/10

Paul Sabu must be one of the happiest guys around at the moment, and you may well be wondering why? I’ll tell you why. This guy Sabu is gonna have one of the biggest selling records of ’85, providing things go ahead as planned record company wise. We are talking serious business here. Delete Hagar, delete Y&T and delete just about everybody else, because Sabu are the new gods of guitar orientated rock as we know it.

So many brilliant songs on one LP, I can’t rave about them enough. My favourite is probably ‘Breakin’ Out’; this number has such atmosphere to it, and it could well turn out to be the natural successor to Y&T’s ‘Rescue Me’. ‘Shake, Rattle, Roll’ would even have had Bill Haley shakin’ his head in appreciation. ‘New Girl In Town’ is a direct Rainbow steal, and I love every second. Listen out for Rick Bozzo’s extravagant over-the-top bass pyrotechnics.

Elsewhere, you have ‘Hot Flash’ which is a definitive fiery rock song. The title track, ‘Heartbreak’, ain’t no slush rock wimphem either; it’s killer rockin’ all the way. In fact, it’s been on the cards for a long time that Paul Sabu should be a superstar. I mean, the guy is an in demand producer, an excellent songwriter and a killer vocalist / guitarist. My God, what else does this guy need to do? I tell you, I’m totally impressed and I think you will be too.

Kelv Hellrazer

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 12 (1985)

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