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Ecstacy And Danger

Mausoleum (1984)
Rating: 7/10

This is Ostrogoth’s first full-length album and the Belgian’s follow-up to the four-track Full Moon’s Eyes release of last year. Ecstasy And Danger is pretty much the same as that first offering being none too brilliant, but then again not that bad.

‘Stormbringer’ is by far the standout track, having been recorded live (I think?!) and delivered straight to the point, fast ’n’ heavy. ‘Queen Of Desire’, ‘A Bitch Again’, ‘The New Generation’ and the UFO-ish ‘Scream Out’ are all worth a listen. While at the bottom end of the scale we have the title track, an instrumental entitled ‘Lords Of Thunder’ and the token ballad album closer in ‘Do It Right’.

Ostrogoth are hardly going to be making huge dents in the metal world with this effort, but if you liked Full Moon’s Eyes, and I know that a lot of you did, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Ecstasy And Danger.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 3 (1984)

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