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Power From Hell

Children Of The Revolution (1985)
Rating: 10/10

I must admit that I’ve never heard of Onslaught before, but this four-piece from Bristol, England, have certainly come up with one of the best black / death metal albums of the year so far.

True, the band are not treading any new ground – it’s all been done before – but they execute it so much better than most and possess all the qualities of Slayer, Venom, Exodus and Destruction and can’t fail to impress thrashers in all corners of the globe.

The album is packed full of intense thrashers of the highest order guaranteed to send every true metal fan into a crazed frenzy.

My particular faves are the Exodus inspired ‘Death Metal’ and ‘Witch Hunt’, the two part instrumental ‘Skullcrusher’ and the ultra-speed metallized ‘Steel Meets Steel’ and ‘The Devils Legion’, with some amazing lead work from guitarist Nige Rockett who puts in a death defying display throughout.

Already Onslaught have surpassed anything that the likes of Venom have put on vinyl, and without a doubt the band will become hugely popular within hardcore metal circles. Power From Hell is an absolutely essential purchase.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 11 (1985)

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