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Under One Flag (1988)
Rating: 9/10

Well, things have certainly been happening at Assault-ville. Dan Lilker and co. have really worked their proverbial butts off and here’s the result; a finely crafted excellent album, that shows the band enlarging their sound beyond the first few tentative progressive steps the band took on The Plague mini-LP last year.

There’s two quickies, ‘Get Another Quarter’ and the Electro Hippies-style ‘PSA’ which don’t quite live up to the likes of ‘Hang The Pope’, but the rest of the album has variety and class stamped all over it. John Connelly’s still there stretching the larynx, but unfortunately it’s still not too clear. But the album, musically, is excellent, being a mixture of the tried and tested, ’Equal Rights’, and a totally new direction, ‘Fight To Be Free’ and ‘Wired’. The band also cover, and it’s an unusual choice, ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ by Led Zeppelin (?!), but it works very well.

Nuclear Assault’s material often tends to take a while to grow on me, but this’ll be one I’ll certainly not put down in a hurry. And while I’m at it, I should like to apologise to the guys for grouping two tracks, ‘Survive’ and ‘The Great Depression’ into one on my Leeds review when only ‘Survive’ was being played. Can’t be right all the time!

Mike Exley

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 28 (1988)

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