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Absolute Filth

Moribund (2015)
Rating: 4.5/10

Formed out of Oregon in 2008, Nekro Drunkz is a none-too-serious extreme metal act happy to combine styles while cracking open a beer or ten.

Absolute Filth is a joke-ridden 33 track (yep, that’s 33!) frenzy marrying goofy grindcore, haphazard death metal, splattery thrash and general distasteful sleaziness; all wrapped up in songs with titles such as ‘Flatulent Angel’, ‘Menstrual Monsoon’, ‘Tampon Torturers’, ‘The Shagbag’, ‘Septic Slut’, Fukking Kunts’ and ‘Mummified In Pubic Hair’.

Okay, so Spazztic Blurr it most certainly isn’t, but it’s still an entertaining, boozed-up horror show created from two sideshow escapees named Crystal Sleth and Tall Can Disgustor666, both of whom also feature for Cemetery Lust.

Nekro Drunkz has somehow already released two records; the first of these toilet-humour atrocities emerged in 2010 under the banner Live And Lewd + Demolishing Demos, while the second scatty slice was issued in 2014 under the title Tyrants Of Toilet Music. Indeed, a number of tracks which appeared on the debut have reared their ugly, spotty heads this time round too, but what you get in general are way too many songs to take in and yet only thankful that they are all very short kicks to the head – leaving only minor bruises.

Opener ‘Reverse Tubgirl’ is a foetid lump of grindcore goo; deep guttural vocals and a septic roll of drums give way to a maniacal solo and that’s your lot, the duo quickly moving on to the equally daft ‘Insane Masturbatory Rampage’ with vocals that at times sound as if the lead man has his head down a toilet bowl and is slurping up the turds.

It’s a record which I could imagine being released back in the late 80s; this sort of brief grind mayhem being quite popular but quintessentially cult by design. As it’s all so brief, however, the tracks are nothing more than burped up jams bolstered by trash-can drumming and gutter-slurping coughs. Nevertheless, one does get the impression that if these guys took themselves seriously, they could probably churn out a few decent, steady riffs. As it stands though, Nekro Drunkz are novelty extreme metal; a twosome obsessed with alcohol-guzzling amidst waves of seedy porn, horror flicks and comedy-flecked mumbo-jumbo.

There’s enough violence, shit, blood, piss, spit and vomit to last a lifetime if you wanted it to, but I’m sure that after just a few squeezes of ‘Hot For Trots’, ‘Bearded Clam Cake’, ‘Yeast Erection’, ‘Taste My Waste’ and the 11-second ‘Two Lumpy Tits Riding Sidecar’ you’ll realise just who Napalm Death’s blast one-second track ‘You Suffer’ influenced all those years ago.

There’s not really much else to say on this one. I guess if I had to pick a favourite emission then ‘Crematory Suppository’ would probably win out, if only for its ability to actually excrete a decent, albeit brief riff. However, when you realise that one of the album’s longest songs (at two minutes) – ‘Uncomfortable Squish’ – is merely a film sample, it says it all about this trash-can recipe for disaster where at times you don’t really care who is singing, burping or vomiting.

The Mentors fans among you may enjoy the cover of ‘Sandwich Of Love’, which leads us to the intriguing although seemingly pointless entitled ‘Noise ‘Outro Fuk’ – which again acts only as a film trailer.

Neil Arnold

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