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Holocaustic Goat Metal

Iron Bonehead (2014)
Rating: 7.5/10

Lo and behold, it’s the unholy return of your grandmother’s favourite band; the almighty Necroholocaust, who have emerged from their stuffy chamber of horrors with this dank, growling mess of maggot-ridden blasphemous metal.

Nine heavily diseased tracks are offered to the ears, all constructed of drums which sound as if bones are being frantically bashed against one another and thick, suffocating smog of suffocating guitars which rapidly reduce the ears to a gooey ash. This type of disgusting metal only exists to blind, deafen and then eventually kill as the vocal huffs and puffs bark their way around the neighbourhood like some rabid Sasquatch who in hideous fashion drags you from your bed and slams you over the head with a trash can.

Is it even worth telling you more about this band, considering you’re just going to be battered from pillar to post as in truly disturbing and maniacal fashion it relentlessly charges from track to track like some uncontrollable hurricane of hate?

The questions that I’m asking are, “Is that really a drummer or just some bath-tub being whacked by a human skull?” “Has the vocalist swallowed a bag of cotton wool in his attempts to belch out the most ridiculously muffled yelps, growls and burps?” And finally, “Why do I find such a sorry mess so bloody good?”

So anyway, this Canadian posse of the perverse has been around a while, forming in 2003 and forever puking out a vile mix of black and death metal that took form during the same year with the nasty Black Death demo, but believe it or not – as always seems the case with such underground beasts – Holocaustic Goat Metal is the debut offering full-length from these cult lunatics, who seem to have spent their entire existence coughing up fleeting split projects at least twice a year before deciding to conjure up this despicable noise.

The press release for this intimidating force states that “Necroholocaust have delivered their most gutsfucking, OTT material to date – literally, ‘Holocaustic Goat Metal’ that’s neither strictly black metal, grindcore, nor death metal – and seal its fate with a powerful ‘n’ punishing production”, and I have to agree to all sentiments in that it’s just a grotesque barrage which every once in a while may let a bass line emerge from the gravelly pits, or even a demented solo may escape the mucus grunted out from our ol’ mate who goes by the name of Black Plague Of War And Disease – who certainly has to blame his parents for being bestowed such a moniker!

Even so, if you manage to survive the utter annihilation caused by the opening brace of tracks, namely ‘Rise Of Antichrist (Victory Command)’, ‘Sadomasochrist’ and ‘Altar Of Plagues’ then eventually you will find something to latch onto amidst the increasing wall of hatred and disgust. Layers of silt-filled doom metal applied to dense, muddy thrash is one such quality, before one also experiences murky passages of flame-grilled death metal that disintegrates into despicable hellfire caves lined with black metal etchings.

Somewhere over that black rainbow, Necroholocaust does occasionally find the time for grim atmosphere and repulsive, hate-filled chugging; ‘Defile The House Of God’, ‘Deathraid Of Intolerance’ and ‘Inverted Christ’ are all damaging examples of a band that revels in paying homage to old school extreme metal bands such as Blasphemy, and they’ve succeeded in bringing the lo-fi qualities of the foetid underground to your doorstep.

Neil Arnold

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