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The Wörld Is Ours – Vol. 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else

Motörhead Music (2012)
Rating: 6.5/10

The mighty Motörhead return with a massive live album, and when I say massive, I’m not joking dudes. This set contains a two-disc set of 2011 live shows – a full set from Wacken Open Air comprises disc one, while disc two features two more songs from Wacken, plus shorter sets from Sonisphere UK and Rock In Rio. In addition to the audio, the set also contains both a DVD and Blu-ray that feature the Wacken Open Air, Sonisphere UK, and Rock In Rio shows.

I can’t think of any metal fan that doesn’t enjoy Motörhead. Sure, you might like the older stuff better but, aside from Metallica and AC/DC, I can’t think of a more respected band in metal. Motörhead are always consistent and this live set is just further proof.

The band kicks off their Wacken 2011 set with ‘Iron Fist’, setting the rock ’n’ roll tone right away. The band mix up old and new with tunes like ‘Killed By Death’, ‘Bomber’ and ‘Metropolis’, coming in as my personal favourites. The latter has a killer feel live, with Lemmy spewing hard to understand lyrics and the guitars taking more of a lead position than it does in a lot of songs. The riff heavy ‘The Chase Is Better Than The Catch’ is another moment where the band seems to get a bit heavier than you’d expect.

The second disc finishes off the Wacken set with the metal classics ‘Ace Of Spades’ (which always sounds amazing) and ‘Overkill’, before moving on to the Sonisphere UK show. This is where the set gets a little sticky as the songs have already appeared in the Wacken show and the band are so damn consistent that it sounds pretty much exactly the same to me. For example, ‘Killed By Death’ appears in all three sets and I highly doubt anyone could tell them apart with 100% clarity. I’m not sure there was really a need for this disc, but diehard collectable fans will likely see that much differently than I do.

The DVD and Blu-ray here are a nice bonus as well but, again, I’m not sure I see the necessity of it. The Blu-ray is particularly sharp looking though, so if you haven’t ever had the chance to catch Motörhead live, the Wacken performance is a huge performance. The band play it cool and present the songs and stage the same in all the sets but you can tell, visually, that Wacken was something really special for them. There’s no real stage show, it’s just three guys rockin’ out, just as it always has been.

Overall, I feel the same way about this as I do AC/DC live albums. It’s great for about three quarters of a set and then it just sort of fades into the background. When you are actually there the band ably keeps your attention, but without the giant speakers and physical presence everything sort of blends together. Still, it’s Motörhead and we love them, so it’s a worthwhile purchase if you need a good fix.

Mark Fisher

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