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Metal Rush

Roadrunner (1984)
Rating: 8/10

Maltese Falcon are a band we first tipped for great things back in issue one of Metal Forces. Now they release their first vinyl offering and continue to develop on the promise shown with those early demo tapes.

This Danish quintet deliver their metal hard and heavy, avoiding the trap of believing that “speed is the essence” – an all too common fault with many of today’s young upstarts. In fact, I would say that only the excellent title track could be really placed in the power metal category.

In modern day comparisons, Maltese Falcon remind me somewhat of Helstar, with the opening cut ‘Alive’ being a prime example. But in the main, it’s the Ozzy / Sabbath influences that come shining through on songs like ‘Rats’, ‘Heavy ’N’ Loud’ and ‘Headbanger’. The best track on the album for me though is the aforementioned ‘Metal Rush’ – a storming closer to the album. Not far behind is the powerful ‘On Fire’, but unfortunately the song loses a little impact with its abrupt ending. ‘Mammas In Town’, with its catchy chorus, is probably the most memorable song after the album’s initial spin. Whilst ‘Rebellion’ could go down a treat live with a chorus chant that gives ample opportunity for audience participation.

Admittedly, Metal Rush needs two or three spins to really get into the album, and I still feel that Maltese Falcon lack the extra sparkle that say fellow Danes Mercyful Fate and Pretty Maids possess. But, overall, I’m sure that no-one who invests in this album will be disappointed. A good debut.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 7 (1984)

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