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Freedom’s Rise

Black Dragon (1985)
Rating: 10/10

You probably remember my review of Liege Lord’s eugenic demo in Metal Forces #8 describing them as being “a potential killing machine”. Well, I’m just recovering from being subjected to a massive onslaught of metal courtesy of the Lord’s debut piece of death.

Terms like “immense”, “unreal” and “buy or surely die” you’ve no doubt heard before when told about metal classics, and this album is no exception. I was honestly surprised that it’s turned out so well; the production more or less being perfect and the material will surely kick your ass.

All four of the demo tracks are included. The only one I was a little disappointed about was ‘Wielding Iron Fists’, but only because I didn’t take to the strange mix of Andy Michaud’s vocals. Elsewhere though he kills, especially on my fave ‘For The King’, which is Queensrÿche in ten years time (ie when they discover it’s metal we want!). Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s a band like Liege Lord who are the future of heavy metal, not Queensrÿche!

Liege Lord’s new material is to the same high standards as the familiar stuff. Guitarists Tony Truglio and Pete McCarthy scorch on ‘Vials Of Wrath’, while ‘Warrior’s Farewell’, ‘Amnesty’ and ‘Legionnaire’ all display a truly quality laden sense of musicianship that will take this outfit to the top, no messing.

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 12 (1985)

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