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On The Streets

Shrapnel (1983)
Rating: 8/10

Of all the recent Shrapnel releases I must admit that this was probably the album that I was least looking forward to hearing. However, to my surprise On The Streets turns out to be a really good package of hard rock tunes, that owes a lot to the fine production work of Mike Varney. The result, a clear polished sound that loses none of Le Mans’ hard hitting rawness; an essential ingredient for any heavy metal / hard rock band.

The fast ’n’ heavy ‘Live To Rock’ opens the proceedings and pretty much sets the pattern for most of the album, with ‘Outside Looking In’, ‘Get Him Out Of Here’, and the Riot sounding ‘Nervous Breakdown’ all being delivered with similar precision. However, the title track (side one’s other cut) is a little too one paced for my liking.

Side two is even better, and features some excellent twin lead breaks from Derek Frigo and Josh Ramos; most noticeably on ‘Hard As A Rock’ and ‘Computer Defense’. ‘Take Me Down’ is only really mediocre commercial rock, while Ramos again shines on ‘Hell’s Halls’. This track also brings to the fore the aggressive raw vocal style of Peter Marrino.

A good debut album, from a California band who hold great potential for the future.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 2 (1983)

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