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Shock Waves

Mausoleum (1984)
Rating: 9/10

This is the Belgian’s third album and there can be no doubt that Shock Waves is a worthy follow-up to the band’s highly acclaimed Wall Of Sound album.

In the past, Killer have been labelled as Belgium’s answer to Motörhead. Well, those influences can be no more evident than on the opening title track, which has a drum intro similar to ‘Overkill’ before steamrollering along at a fast and thunderous pace, complete with Lemmy-like vocals et al. A truly great opener. However, Killer are at their best when they throw a touch of melody into the affray, as on ‘In The Name Of The Law’; a hard driving epic of titanic proportions. Which is matched only by the excellent ‘In The Eye Of My Gun’, a kind of Motörhead meets Queensrÿche classic, which blitzkriegs its way into the instrumental ‘King Kong’. Great stuff!

The remaining numbers on the album – ‘Scarecrow’, ‘Blood On The Chains’, ‘Richter Scale 12’ and ‘Time Bomb’ – are all constructed to enable you to bang your head at will, although I must say that the latter is a rather disappointing album closer compared with the excellence of the rest of the material.

Still, buy Shock Waves at all costs; a valuable addition to any metal freak’s collection.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 3 (1984)

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