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Century Rendezvous

S.O.S. (1984)
Rating: 7/10

Sweden is fast becoming a breeding ground for class metal practitioners with plenty of bands – although not all as yet recognised – showing ability and promise to gain major success. In truth, the Glory Bells band were well out of my reckoning within the “Scandinavian Militia” due to a debut LP (Dressed In Black) I was none too keen on. Although to be fair, it received much acclaim from others. Century Rendezvous quickly dismissed most of my negative ideas towards the band, where they have shown that they have more to offer than the all too much “chugging” material thrown together in the debut.

Where the debut lacked diversity, Century Rendezvous smacks of it. The band have pulled all their resources together and have even found the space to include a ballad in ‘My Life’, although I feel they needn’t have bothered as it proves to be the worst (by far) song on the LP. Despite that moment of bad taste the album overall is very good. ‘Flight Back Home’ kicks off to a fine start in a slow and moody fashion, but speeding up to set the pace of the album. The following numbers, ‘War Drummer’ and ‘Big Thunder’, aren’t as strong but still entertaining nonetheless. Side one closes on a disappointing note with the aforementioned ballad.

Side two is easily the stronger, and opens with the awesome ‘After Twelve’; clearly the most impressive cut on the LP, having all the trappings of a classic metal tune and a half. ‘Sweet Irene’ and ‘Five Foxes’ follow suit, although just falling short to a close second post; both contain some fine moments, again displaying impressive song arrangements with delightful lead work-outs.

A very good LP that’ll pave their way further, although it could be the next release before the Glory Bells band gain a favourable response from all circles of the metal field. However, Century Rendezvous serves well until that event arises.

Leroy Douglas

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 3 (1984)

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