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The Answer Of Insanity

Scarlet (2014)
Rating: 8.5/10

The Answer Of Insanity is the new album from Faithsedge, a progressive metal / rock project founded by vocalist / guitarist Giancarlo Floridia in Huntington Beach, California during 2009.

Faithsedge released their debut self-titled platter in 2011 and now they are back with a heavier tinge that never once lets go of that melodic strain which made the first album so interesting.

For this latest release Floridia is backed by the talents of guitarist Alex De Rosso (Dokken, Shadows Fade, Headrush), drummer Tony Morra (Van Zant, Rebecca St. James) and keyboardist Eric Ragno (Fergie Fredrickson, Trixter), with the bass duties once again being handled by producer Fabrizio Grossi, and additional keyboards provided by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Three Lions).

It seems only natural that a line-up boasting such incredible talent should result in a top-notch album, but there are many times when such musicians may be thrown into a melting pot where egos collide and the end product is not up to scratch. But with Faithsedge, there appears to be a simple will to rock hard and construct infectious tunes which boast sturdy hooks and rollicking bass-lines.

Faithsedge obviously have an old school metal spring in their step, and this is nowhere more evident than with the excellent ‘Revolve My World’; the sort of track made for huge stadiums as Morra’s drum kicks and rolls construct a huge tidal wave of sound complemented by the powerful vocal soars. With this track and opener ‘Now I Know The Truth’, Faithsedge display a thick sound that’s more than comfortable to allow access to the keyboard injections, but all the while the combo maintains its levels of weight on what becomes an extremely free-flowing album of huge melodies and stunning guitar work.

‘Are We Gonna Stand?’ features a dizzying guitar solo from Alex De Rosso. The track is another solid rocker that can only prepare us for the token power ballad ‘Comes Crashing Down’ which is a true high point of an already sumptuous opus. The vocals are sublime and the tinge of blues influence makes for an interesting surprise amid the avalanche of bass, drums and guitar.

For those of you waiting for the comedown or negative aspect, well, you’re in the wrong place, because the album just keeps on rolling with the punches delivering killer track after killer track. While ‘Comes Crashing Down’ exhibited a subtlety, ‘Destroy You’ runs in the other direction and is the weightiest number on the album, boasting a dark and thick guitar sound which, dare I say it. even hints at a thrashier lean.

The variation showcased by the band is a staggering one, as time and time I wonder as to how heavy rock music can continue to excite, but with added elements of progressive rock tied in with more traditional values, Faithsedge have once again constructed a fine piece of work which allows every instrument to breath and flow so naturally. Indeed, those with a passion for keyboards will absolutely love ‘Pray For This’ – another monstrous tune that successfully marries melody and sturdiness.

The Answer Of Insanity delivers 11 cracking tunes, fusing dark and lighter shades of rock music to near perfection.

Neil Arnold

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