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Sentence Of Death

Steamhammer (1984)
Rating: 8/10

While there can be no doubt that the North Americans win hands down in the death / power / speed metal stakes, it’s the Germans who are heading the European challenge. Hot on the heels of Living Death, Brainfever and Grave Digger comes the speed / black metal trio Destruction.

After the usual Satanical narrated intro to the album, it’s total thrash all the way, driven along by some unbelievable speed drumming from Tommy. Bassist and vocalist Schmier has one of those almost cringeable croaks which seem to be the norm with a majority of the demonic bands these days, but it’s lead guitarist Mike who is the true star of this show; unleashing some of the best lead-work ever heard in black metal.

Of the five numbers only the disjointed ‘Black Mass’ falls below standard, while the remainder – ‘Total Desaster’, ‘Mad Butcher’, ‘Devil’s Soldiers’ and the awesome ‘Satan’s Vengeance’ – project an orgy of intense mayhem. Grab a copy now!

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 9 (1985)