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Speaking With The Devil

Infernö (2013)
Rating: 7/10

Nothing beats a bit of old fashioned demonic speed metal. Originally formed in Chile in 2007 but based in Québec, Canada since June 2011, female-fronted Demona are the perfect piece of evil entertainment for a night in by the castle fireside.

Demona have been prolific recording artists, releasing a number of split singles, EPs and in 2012 their blistering Metal Through The Time debut full-length album. The main issue however with that first record was the vocal delivery of Tanza who at times was rather tuneless, but it seems as if these vocal problems have been addressed for the most part, making this 11-track opus a real face-shredding experience.

One thing you’ll notice about this quartet is their reluctance to slow down; the result being that Speaking With The Devil is an apocalyptic album of break-neck speed. Whether in the form of the anthemic, and very much old school fury of ‘Dirty Speed Metal’ or the more traditional juggernaut that is ‘Traitors’, this is very much hostile speed metal with a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal twist.

The album is full of blazing solos, rattling drums and relentless bass lines, and when fronted by the banshee wails of Tanza it’s a record that’s difficult to put down, such is the whirlwind nature. Sure, the lyrics need a bit of work and there’s a sense of the naïve about such a speed-fest, but slap on the likes of the hurtling ‘Bad Boy’ or the psychotic rage of ‘Demona’ and one can see why there’s a bit of a buzz surrounding this combo.

That’s not to say the album isn’t without its flaws. Many metal purists will still remark on the occasionally out of time vocals, the lack of variety and the fact that the songs don’t really stick in the brain due to their pace, but there’s a nice old school feel about this, especially in the production.

Speaking With The Devil may not be the most devilish of albums you’ll hear in 2013, but if you have a spare half hour or so and fancy being annihilated by an unhealthy shot of thrash metal, then I see no reason for you to look any further than Demona’s second album, because any cocktail that contains the likes of ‘The Sorcerer’s Escapade’ is perfect fodder for the ideal hangover!

Neil Arnold

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