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Into Battle

First Strike (1984)
Rating: 7/10

Some of you out there may already be familiar with Brocas Helm through their official demo release, Into Battle, last year. Well, this vinyl version contains the same five tracks featured on the demo together with five new numbers.

Unfortunately, ‘Metallic Fury’ is a very disappointing opener. Although setting off at a fast and furious pace, the song lacks the power of some of today’s heavyweights and in turn sounds rather dated. However, don’t let this put you off. The Iron Maiden-inspired title track and the ultra-fast ‘Here To Rock’ point the proceedings in the right direction of true metal mayhem. Especially the latter, with its heads down no messing about approach reminding me of Jaguar in their ‘Axe Crazy’ days.

Of the remaining tracks, only ‘Ravenwreck’ and ‘Warriors Of The Dark’ come anywhere near the excellence of ‘Here To Rock’. The others being of only mediocre standard not helped by the weak production.

Overall though, a fairly promising debut. Hopefully, Brocas Helm’s next offering will show a little bit more consistency.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 3 (1984)

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