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Another Victim

Mausoleum (1984)
Rating: 6/10

With a name like Axe Victims, I’d expected this five-piece German band to be nothing short of a frenzied attack of power metal. Sadly, this is not the case.

The album opens in fine style with the fast hard driving metal of ‘Shoot From The Stars’, complete with space launch countdown courtesy of NASA, but from then on it’s pretty mediocre one-paced rock. ‘Heartbreaker’ is a bit of an AC/DC-like plodder, whilst ‘Soldiers Of Life’ and ‘Can’t Stand It’ are boppy commercial numbers. The final track on side one, ‘Man Of The Dark’ is slightly better, reminding me somewhat of Accept’s ‘Princess Of The Dawn’.

On to side two, and again a fairly promising opening number in the catchy ‘Young and Wise’ – Krokus fans will love this one. Then we’re treated to some commercial hard rock, American-style, with ‘For The Ladies’ and ‘I’ve Got The Power’, before finishing off with the slow ‘Turn It Loud’.

To be fair to Axe Victims, what they play they do well and each member sounds a highly competent musician, but although I like ‘Shoot From The Stars’ very much I’m afraid I’m not a fan of this pedestrian style hard rock. Still, if you’re into the AC/DC’s and Krokus’ of this world then give it a listen… it may do something for you. Me? Well, I’ll stick with the Metallica’s, Slayer’s, Helstar’s and Killer’s thank you very much.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 3 (1984)

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