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GALLOWS POLE – And Time Stood Still (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

GALLOWS POLEAnd Time Stood Still Pure Rock (2013)Rating: 7/10 Not to be confused with the German-based power metal band of the same name, this particular Gallows Pole hail from Austria with And Time Stood Still being the seventh full-length album from this much respected combo. Those of you unfamiliar with these guys should be told […]

DEHUMAN REIGN – Destructive Intent EP (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

DEHUMAN REIGNDestructive Intent EP FDA Rekotz (2013)Rating: 7/10 German death metal straight from the old school is how I’d describe Destructive Intent, the debut EP by Germany’s Dehuman Reign. This quintet – who formed in 2011 – have decided to introduce themselves to the metal world with the subtlety of a wrecking ball to the […]

DUSKMACHINE – Duskmachine (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

DUSKMACHINEDuskmachine Massacre (2013)Rating: 7.5/10 The band moniker doesn’t really give us an idea that this bruising quartet is a thrash band, featuring former members of thrash metal titans Overkill and Annihilator. So, if you like your metal heavy, well-polished and furious then Duskmachine is the perfect place to stop off. The Berlin-based band, who were […]

DEADLOCK – The Arsonist (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

DEADLOCKThe Arsonist Napalm (2013)Rating: 7.5/10 While formed in 1997, metalcore band Deadlock didn’t find their feet until 2002 when their debut album The Arrival was released. It was the duo of the Earth.Revolt (2005) and Wolves (2007) albums that made the metal community stand up and take notice though, particularly with the latter’s electronic touches. […]

LIKLUKT – Bay Of Kings (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

LIKLUKT Bay Of Kings Funeral Industries (2013) Rating: 7/10 Well, here’s a first – a deathly, thrashing metal band inspired by all manner of maritime subjects and the like. This Norwegian-based duo have been around since the mid 90s, but only ever produced a handful of demos. Thankfully, they’ve now been snapped up by the […]

MAD ARCHITECT – Journey To Madness (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

MAD ARCHITECTJourney To Madness Supersztar (2013)Rating: 8/10 Heavy metal vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw has certainly been around the block, and is most known for his work with King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Notre Dame, Therion and Dream Evil among many others. Now he’s turning tricks with Swedish metalheads Mad Architect who, following on from 2102’s […]

PANTHEON OF BLOOD – Tetrasomia EP (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

PANTHEON OF BLOODTetrasomia EP Eldritch Lunar Miasma (2013)Rating: 7/10 The latest release from this Finnish black metal act comes in the form of a four track EP under the banner of Tetrasomia. Fans may be surprised upon hearing this composition, noting that Pantheon Of Blood have injected a bigger dose of melody this time around […]

TROUBLE – The Distortion Field (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

TROUBLEThe Distortion Field FRW Music (2013)Rating: 7/10 I’ve often asked myself the question, would Chicago’s Trouble have formed if there’d been no Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin? Yep, I know it’s a silly question such was the influence of those two legendary bands, but there’s always been something so natural about Trouble as if they […]

CONCRETE ICON – Perennial Anguish (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

CONCRETE ICONPerennial Anguish Black Vulture (2013)Rating: 8/10 Concrete Icon are a Finnish metal act who’ve been in existence since 2007, but despite a few demos and one EP (2012’s Where The Horns Reign), Perennial Anguish is the first full-length composition. I have to admit that when I saw the band name I expected some type […]

NECROMASS – Calix. Utero. Babalon. (2013) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

NECROMASSCalix. Utero. Babalon. Funeral Industries (2013)Rating: 5/10 These Italian black metal masters have been doing the rounds in some form since the tail end of the 1980s, initially under the moniker of Massacrator, then as Dark Lust, before the Necromass name change came into fruition in 1992. The quartet has churned out some notable releases, […]

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