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SATYRICON Release Lyric Video For ‘Deep Calleth Upon Deep’ Title Track
August 11th, 2017

Oslo, Norway-based black metal band Satyricon have released an official lyric video for the title track of their forthcoming album Deep Calleth Upon Deep, which can be viewed below.

Frontman Satyr commented: “It was not easy to chose a song to represent this album as they are all so different. I consider them all to be a group of individuals with strong and unique personalities and together they make the album Deep Calleth Upon Deep.

“The title track is the only song we’ve done with baritone and regular guitar all the way through the song. I felt it was needed for the tonal depth I was looking for and to enhance the swing of the groove in the heavier parts. It also has mellotron, cello, violin and backing vocals by classical singer Håkon Kornstad where the cello supports the baritone guitar and the mellotron, violin and the backing vocals provide air and width to the sound. Consider it a journey, play it loud, close your eyes and head into the forest. That’s what I do.”

Satyr issue ninth full-length studio album Deep Calleth Upon Deep on September 22nd, 2017 through Napalm Records.

Satyr added: “Approaching this release, what I always kept in mind is that either this is the beginning of something new or it’s gonna be my last record. If this is going to be the last, then it needs to be something special. If there are more records, then I’d better make sure that this is so different from the last one that it feels like a new beginning. I think it’s really, really dark, very spiritual and filled with confidence and energy.

“The way that I see it is that for any art, be it Satyricon or any other form of art with substance, in order for you to be able to inhale and completely understand it, it will take a little bit of you as well. If you get it all after a couple of listens, you know that it probably won’t stay with you. So the title is saying, ‘From the depth of the people making this record to the depth of the listener…’. If you want to take part in this journey, you should be prepared to dig deep down in the darkest corner of your soul with us.”

The outing was recorded in Oslo, Norway and Vancouver, Canada, during early 2017 and mixed together with Mike Fraser (who previously worked on Satyricon’s April 2006 album Now, Diabolical.

The front cover of Deep Calleth Upon Deep features an obscure drawing from 1898 by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

The track listing is as follows:

01. ‘Midnight Serpent’
02. ‘Blood Cracks Open The Ground’
03. ‘To Your Brethren In The Dark’
04. ‘Deep Calleth Upon Deep’
05. ‘The Ghost Of Rome’
06. ‘Dissonant’
07. ‘Black Wings And Withering Gloom’
08. ‘Burial Rite’

Satyricon’s line-up is as follows:

Satyr (vocals, guitars, bass, and keyboards)
Frost (drums)

Eighth studio record Satyricon was released in September 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records in North America, Indie Recordings in Norway, and Roadrunner Records in the rest of the world.