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SABBAT Release Second Album ‘Dreamweaver’
May 1989

The follow-up to May 1988 debut History Of A Time To Come, Dreamweaver (Reflections Of Our Yesterdays) – the second outing from Nottingham, England-based thrash metal group Sabbat – was cut between January-March 1989 at Sky Trak Studio in Berlin, Germany. Mixing occurred at Hansa Studio in Berlin, Roy M. Rowland handling production, engineering, and mixing duties. The record was the only Sabbat album to feature guitarist Simon Jones, and the last to feature bassist Frazer Craske. Released through Noise Records, the track listing was as follows;

Side one:

01. ‘The Beginning Of The End’ (an introductory piece)
02. ‘The Clerical Conspiracy’ (a number previewed at the group’s August 10th, 1988 performance at London’s Astoria)
03. ‘Advent Of Insanity’ (a two-minute acoustic composition which Sabbat considered renaming given the fact that so many other assortments had used similar track titles)
04. ‘Do Dark Horses Dream Of Nightmares?’
05. ‘The Best Of Enemies’ (an eight-minute affair, the first of three tunes co-written by then new guitarist Simon Jones)

Side two:

01. ‘How The Mighty Have Fallen’ (the second number co-written by Jones)
02. ‘Wildfire’ (the first track to be penned for Dreamweaver, also unveiled at the outfit’s August concert at London’s Astoria)
03. ‘Mythistory’ (the third of a trio of compositions to be written by Jones)
04. ‘Happy Never After’ (the full-length’s outro, which on Dreamweaver’s compact disc version was slated to fade into a number entitled ‘When All Else Fails’)

At the time, guitarist Andy Sneap stated that the material was more complicated than History Of A Time To Come’s offerings but better flowed. The axeman felt that there were less breaks, and that Sabbat had thought a lot more about song arrangements. Lyrically, the tale was reportedly based on a monk’s scribe named Brand who’s sent to south England to learn about Pagan beliefs and transfer those beliefs into Christianity.

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