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QUEENSRŸCHE: Twelve Songs Written For Next Studio Album
September 24th, 2017

Washington-based heavy metal group Queensrÿche issue their 15th full-length studio album in early 2018.

Helming sessions once again is producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris, who worked on predecessor Condition Hüman.

In an interview with Shut Up & Rock On, guitarist Michael Wilton stated the following: “After extensive touring, we’ve just been kind of doing sporadic touring this year. And everybody’s writing and putting together songs and demos. We’ve got twelve (tracks) already that are with the producer right now, and he really likes ’em. And we’re just gonna keep writing till we get a chance and get things started as far as pre-production, which should be very soon. We’re in August right now, so I think, like, maybe in September or October, we should get (in the studio). But we’d really like to get something out by next spring.”

Audio footage of said conversation can be streamed below.

Queensrÿche’s line-up is as follows;

Todd LaTorre (vocals)
Michael Wilton (guitar)
Parker Lundgren (guitar)
Eddie Jackson (bass)
Scott Rockenfield (drums)

Fourteenth studio record Condition Hüman was released in October 2015 via Century Media Records.