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Original METAL CHURCH Vocalist David Wayne Dies Following Car Accident Aged 47
May 10th, 2005

David Wayne

David Wayne, original vocalist of Aberdeen, Washington-based metal group Metal Church, died on May 10th, 2005 at the age of 47 at his home in Tacoma, Washington, following complications from injuries sustained in a head-on car accident several months prior.

David Wayne Carnell was born in Renton, Washington on January 1st, 1958 to parents Billie and Verna, brothers Doug, Dennis and Darrell arriving later.

Following a tour with the US Army as a field medic, Wayne ventured into the music profession. Wayne sang on Metal Church’s inaugural two full-lengths, namely the self-titled Metal Church (1984) and The Dark (1986). Departing in 1988, Wayne was replaced by Heretic frontman Mike Howe.

Members of the resultantly disbanded Heretic embarked on a project with Wayne titled Reverend, with whom Wayne recorded two full-length platters in the form of World Won’t Miss You (1990) and Play God (1991) as well as a handful of EPs.

1998 Metal Church outing Live, recorded live in 1986 with Wayne, led to a brief reunion which resulted in the release of 1999’s Masterpeace. A solo album subsequently surfaced in 2001 under the Wayne banner, the effort named Metal Church.

A memorial service for Wayne was held on Friday, May 13th at 10am PST at the Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Vancouver, Washington.

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