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MEMORIAM Release Debut Studio Album ‘For The Fallen’
March 24th, 2017

Birmingham, England-based death metal group Memoriam issued debut full-length studio album For The Fallen on March 24th, 2017 through Nuclear Blast Records.

Cover artwork duties fell to Dan Seagrave.

The track listing is as follows:

01. ‘Memoriam’
02. ‘War Rages On’
03. ‘Reduced To Zero’
04. ‘Corrupted System’
05. ‘Flatline’
06. ‘Surrounded (By Death)’
07. ‘Resistance’
08. ‘Last Words’

Memoriam’s line-up is as follows:

Karl Willetts (lead vocals, Bolt Thrower)
Frank Healy (bass, Benediction / Sacrilege / ex-Cerebral Fix)
Scott Fairfax (guitar, ex-Cerebral Fix)
Andy Whale (drums, ex-Bolt Thrower)

Official lyric videos were created for the songs ‘Surrounded (By Death)’ and ‘Resistance’, which can be viewed below.