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Former DESECRATION And POSSESSED Member Bob Yost Dies Aged 43
July 14th, 2010

Bob Yost

Bob Yost, former vocalist / founder of San Francisco, California-based death / thrash metal group Desecration and former bassist of fellow San Francisco, California-based death / thrash metal ensemble Possessed, died on July 14th, 2010 at the age of 43.

Robert Allan Yost, Jr. was born on May 21st, 1967.

Yost’s first foray into metal was roading for local friends Possessed, roading for tours as well as individual gigs. He would subsequently form Desecration in late 1984 with fellow Possessed roadie Dan Boland.

Yost initially occupied bass with Boland handling guitar, with drummer Dave Roof rounding out the inaugural line-up. Roof departed due to personal reasons, Yost becoming Desecration’s vocalist in 1985. Ray Sebastion became lead guitarist, with Joel Wing lending bass. 1985 debut demo Psycho notably featured Possessed’s Mike Sus on session drums.

Yost disbanded Desecration in early 1986, reforming the unit with a revised line-up which featured the following personnel; Marty Rahala (guitars), Brandon Caylor (guitars), Neil Secretaio (bass) and Chris Fetters (drums). Desecration split altogether in 1987, Autopsy’s Chris Reifert (ex-Death) stepping behind the drumkit for their final few shows.

Following Desecration’s disbandment, the musician returned to bass duties, performing with punk rock outfit Social Disease and subsequently thrash / melodic ensemble Section 8.

In 1991, old friend and guitarist Mike Torrao reformed Possessed, installing Yost in the bass position. A lone demo was cut, and Yost was subsequently dismissed of his duties. Following this, he would never perform in a band again during his lifetime.

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