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EQUILIBRIUM Issue Live Performance Video For ‘Rise Again’ Track
December 26th, 2016

German epic metal band Equilibrium have released a live performance video for the track ‘Rise Again’, which can be viewed below.

Equilibrium issued fifth full-length studio album Armageddon on August 12th, 2016 through Nuclear Blast Records. The limited digipak edition of the album included a bonus CD featuring instrumental versions of each track.

Armageddon was recorded, mixed and produced by guitarist René Berthiaume, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum.

Cover artwork duties once again fell to Skadi Rosehurst.

René Berthiaume commented: “Once more, Skadi created a wonderful piece of art, which captures the more darker atmosphere of Armageddon perfectly. As on the album, you can discover a lot of details in the artwork as well. Skadi’s style – traditionally drawn motifs become one overall picture digitally – fits marvelously to our music. Again and again, it’s an exciting feeling if the music becomes even more concrete and livelier by the artwork.

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘Sehnsucht’
02. ‘Erwachen’
03. ‘Katharsis’
04. ‘Heimat’
05. ‘Born To Be Epic’
06. ‘Zum Horizont’
07. ‘Rise Again’
08. ‘Prey’
09. ‘Helden’
10. ‘Koyaaniskatsi’
11. ‘Eternal Destination’

Equilibrium’s line-up is as follows;

Robert “Robse” Dahn (vocals)
René Berthiaume (guitar)
Dom R. Crey (guitar)
Marcus “Makki” Solvalt (bass)
Tuval “Hati” Refaeli (drums)

A music video was filmed for the track ‘Eternal Destination’, which can be viewed below. In addition, official lyric videos were created for the songs ‘Prey’ and ‘Born To Be Epic’.

Fourth studio record Erdentemple was released in June 2014.

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