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AUTOPSY Release Debut Full-Length Album ‘Severed Survival’
April 1989

San Francisco, California-based death metal group Autopsy issued debut full-length album Severed Survival in April 1989 through Peaceville Records. The outing was cut during January 1989 at Starlight Sound in Richmond, Virginia, Autopsy themselves handling production duties with John Marshall – Marshall additionally engineered. Severed Survival was the first of two Autopsy releases to feature Sadus bassist Steve DiGiorgio (ex-Death / ex-Control Denied / Charred Walls Of The Damned), the second being 1991 EP Fiend For Blood. Bassist Ken Sorvari had left prior to the recording of Severed Survival, but eventually rejoined shortly after its issue. The track listing was as follows;

Side one:

01. ‘Charred Remains’
02. ‘Service For A Vacant Coffin’
03. ‘Disembowel’
04. ‘Gasping For Air’
05. ‘Ridden With Disease’

Side two:

01. ‘Pagan Savior’
02. ‘Impending Dread’
03. ‘Severed Survival’
04. ‘Critical Madness’
05. ‘Embalmed’

Kent Mathieu designed Severed Survival’s original front cover artwork. Depicting an individual being torn apart by meat hooks, during 1990 distributors expressed concern to Peaceville Records regarding the graphic nature of the piece. Alternate artwork was consequently commissioned so that the full-length could be re-released, the resultant effort designed by British comic illustrator Kev Walker.