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ACCEPT Issue ‘Shadow Soldiers’ Performance Clip From ‘Restless And Live’ DVD
January 28th, 2017

German / American heavy metal group Accept issued live set Restless And Live on January 13th, 2017 through Nuclear Blast Records.

Live performance footage of the track ‘Shadow Soldiers’ has been released and can be viewed below.

The outing consisted of a live performance recorded on July 18th, 2015 at the Bang Your Head!!! Festival in Balingen, Germany. Restless And Live was made available in Blu-Ray and DVD formats, both of which additionally contain two CDs chronicling the affair in audio.

The track listing is as follows;

Blu-Ray / DVD

01. ‘Stampede’
02. ‘Stalingrad’
03. ‘London Leatherboys’
04. ‘Restless And Wild’
05. ‘Dying Breed’
06. ‘Final Journey’
07. ‘Shadow Soldiers’
08. ‘Losers And Winners’
09. ‘200 Years’
10. ‘Midnight Mover’
11. ‘No Shelter’
12. ‘Princess Of The Dawn’
13. ‘Dark Side Of My Heart’
14. ‘Pandemic’
15. ‘Fast As A Shark’
16. ‘Metal Heart’
17. ‘Teutonic Terror’
18. ‘Balls To The Wall’


01. ‘Stampede’
02. ‘Stalingrad’
03. ‘Hellfire’
04. ‘London Leatherboys’
05. ‘Living For Tonite’
06. ‘200 Years’
07. ‘Demon’s Night’
08. ‘Dying Breed’
09. ‘Final Journey’
10. ‘From The Ashes We Rise’
11. ‘Losers And Winners’
12. ‘No Shelter’
13. ‘Shadow Soldiers’
14. ‘Midnight Mover’


01. ‘Starlight’
02. ‘Restless And Wild’
03. ‘Son Of A Bitch’
04. ‘Pandemic’
05. ‘Dark Side Of My Heart’
06. ‘The Curse’
07. ‘Flash Rockin’ Man’
08. ‘Bulletproof’
09. ‘Fall Of The Empire’
10. ‘Fast As A Shark’
11. ‘Metal Heart’
12. ‘Teutonic Terror’
13. ‘Balls To The Wall’

Accept’s line-up is as follows;

Mark Tornillo (vocals)
Wolf Hoffmann (guitars)
Uwe Lulis (guitars)
Peter Baltes (bass)
Christopher Williams (drums)

Restless And Live charted in the following countries in its first week of release; Germany DVD Charts (#1), Sweden DVD Charts (#1), Switzerland DVD Charts (#5), Austria DVD Charts (#5), Germany (#9), USA (#10 Hard Music), UK Rock Charts (#13), Holland DVD Charts (#18), USA Top Rock Charts (#30), Hungary (#35), Finland (#42), Japan Blu-ray Charts (#72), France (#73), Switzerland (#81), Belgium (#93), and USA Top Current Albums (#117).

Live performances of the tracks ‘Restless And Wild’, ‘Stampede’, ‘Pandemic’ and ‘Fast As A Shark’ can also be viewed below.

Fourteenth studio record Blind Rage was released in August 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

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