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Tryx (1989)

Tryx were originally from Florida, before they relocated to L.A. The band have quite an original image, with each member having a different colour patent leather outfit with the same colour splotches in his hair. The band features: Jessie Star (vocals), Roxy Deveaux (guitar), Tracy Dahne (bass) and Brett Marks (drums).

The sound the band have is completely commercial pop; kind of like Cheap Trick but even more commercial.

‘She’s So Fine’ opens the demo and is a real catchy little ditty. The song sounds as if it could’ve been written by Lizzie Grey (London) or Nigel Itson (Ruby Slippers), and the raps are impressive; very tongue in cheek.

‘I Don’t Wanna Know Your Name’ reminds me of The Beatles and The Monkees with its yummy-yummy chorus, while ‘Don’t You Need It’ is a lot more uptempo with an impressive solo from Roxy Deveaux.

Lastly, there’s a well impressive version of The Archies’ ‘Sugar, Sugar’, not covered so finely since early Ruby Slippers.

There isn’t really a lot of metal appeal in Tryx’s music; the guitars are there, but the music could prove a bit too much for Slayer fans and makes Poison sound like D.R.I.! But you have to admire Tryx for being different. They should go a long way.

Kelv Hellrazer

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 40 (1989)

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