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Mutant Supremacy (1988)

Buffalo, New York-based Tirant Sin feature former Leviathan vocalist Chris Barnes. Chris is on his second stint with the band, having been a founding member back in early 1986. As you would expect, Tirant Sin play high energy thrash with a touch of hardcore thrown in for good measure, and their latest three-song demo is the band’s third.

The title track, ‘Mutant Supremacy’, is a reasonable opener with a mixture of doom and Slayer-like thrash. Better though is ‘Exhausted’, which begins with some powerful heavy riffing in the Metallica mould before unleashing into a non-stop sprint to the end; touches of Dark Angel about this song too.

The final track, ‘Crucified In Blood’, is more basic thrash but not so impressive, and is not helped by the muddy production which generally lets down the demo as a whole.

To be honest I feel Tirant Sin – whose full line-up reads Chris Barnes (vocals), Bob Rusay and Joe Morelli (guitars), Rich Ziegler (bass) and Paul Mazurkiewicz (drums) – are probably gonna need to come up with some stronger material than this before they will start attracting too much interest from the record companies. Hopefully though, their next offering will show more potential.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 28 (1988)

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