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Midnight Vice (1984)

Midnight Vice are a young Canadian band from Richmond, British Columbia and have been together since November 1983. The band have had many personnel changes, but the current line-up reads: Steve Jack (vocals), Rob Furland and Rick Hart (guitars), Rod Bruno (bass) and Sandy Hyde (drums).

The Vice, as they are known to their fans, consider themselves as ‘class metal’, which isn’t a bad indication to where the band are at. ‘Vice Squad’ in particular shows their potential with a fine display of mixing hard aggressive metal with a touch of commercialism. In fact, the number is not too dissimilar to Queensrÿche.

‘Arrow To The Sun’ is a little too commercial for my liking, but is a good song just the same, whilst ‘Reflections’ is more in the ballad vein, but works out well, gradually picking up pace as it goes along.

Midnight Vice promise that their next demo will be a lot heavier, and if they can continue to develop the potential shown here (as well as keeping a stable line-up) then success may not be that far away.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 9 (1985)

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