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Impaler (1983)

Yet another US metal act bursts out of the Midwest, this time the savage Impaler from Minnesota. They have been together for less than a year now and have already recorded an EP on their own aptly named Blood Records; the tracks featured will be ‘Assassin’, ‘Shock Rock’, and the anthem ‘Impaler’. In between recording the band have been playing gigs, which have been described as a cross between The Night Of The Living Dead and The Day After. The highlights of the show being an exploding guitar, amidst coffins cages and rivers of blood – W.A.S.P., look out.

You won’t have long to witness this carnage as they have a video out soon called Vicious Dreams, which has to be seen to be believed by all accounts. The American public will be doing just that as the show goes on the road during the summer, visiting East and West Coasts and anywhere they are in demand.

Impaler are: Bill Lindsey (vocals), Mike Torok (guitar), Mike Senn (guitar), Court Hawley (bass) and Bob Johnson (drums).

Steve Hammonds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 4 (1984)

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