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Killing The Future (1987)

Not to be confused with the Arizona-based band of the same name, this Aftermath hail from Chicago and if I tell you that they will be appearing on the first Metal ForcesDemolition… Scream Your Brains Out! compilation album, then you know they must be good!

The band were formed in October 1985 and this latest tape, entitled Killing The Future, is their second demo tape. Each of the five tracks are a mixture of quality thrash and hardcore enhanced with excellent production from the band and Phil Bonnet.

The fast powerful riffing of ‘When Will You Die’ kicks off the demo in fine style and continues with the aggressive hardcore thrash of ‘Going No Place’. ‘Chaos’ is a relentless attack of thrashing mayhem but is surpassed by the frenzied ‘Meltdown’, although at two minutes is a little on the short side for my liking.

But Aftermath’s pièce de résistance is saved to last in the pounding heaviness of ‘War For Freedom’. The instrumentation on this track is superb and shows just how tight the band are. Needless to say ‘War For Freedom’ (along with ‘When Will You Die’) will be on the Demolition compilation.

Aftermath’s current line-up of Charlie Tsiolis (vocals), Steve Sacco (guitar), Ray Schmidt (drums) and John Lazety (bass) – who recently replaced Adam, who played bass on the demo – should have no trouble securing a record deal on the evidence of this demo and are sure to become a favourite among thrashers throughout the world.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 25 (1987)

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