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Prepare To Die

Rainforest (1983)
Rating: 7/10

The Lone State, that’s Texas to you lot, has offered us many things like cowboys, oil and a soap opera. Now add S.A. Slayer to the list. This five-piece from San Antonio has produced a steaming slice of vinyl.

Side one opens up with ‘The Door’, 52 seconds of thunder and lightning and ghoulish noises, then straight into the title track. This reminds me of Riot and the track ‘Warrior’. Singer Steve Cooper has a great vocal range; he can go from a whisper to a very high pitched scream. ‘Final Holocaust’ closes side one, and includes some fine lead work from Art Villareal who lets rip with some tasty lead breaks.

Side two opens with ‘Unholy Book’, which is my favourite track. If your speakers haven’t blown already then they will do with the next song, ‘To Ride The Demon Out’, which is something you imagine Exciter or Wild Dogs doing; it’s that fast.

Overall I found this five-track mini-LP very enjoyable. I have only one criticism – drop the Satanic image.

Dave Shaw

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 2 (1983)

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