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HIRAX – Immortal Legacy (2014) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

HIRAXImmortal Legacy Steamhammer (2014)Rating: 9/10 Hirax; now here’s a cult thrash band if ever I saw / heard one! These guys have been around for seemingly aeons, beginning life back in the early 80s as L.A. Kaos before changing their name to Hirax. Hirax were responsible for some of thrash metal’s most fearsome records, including […]

CULTFINDER – Hell’s Teeth EP (2014) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

CULTFINDERHell’s Teeth EP Eldritch Lunar Miasma (2014)Rating: 7/10 This new chunk of thrashing black metal, or black thrash metal if you wish, comes via the murky, frozen wastes of… er… Farnborough, in the UK! Cultfinder may not be known among many extreme metal fans, but Hell’s Teeth is their second EP, and follows on from […]

FALLEN ORDER – The Age Of Kings EP (2014) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

FALLEN ORDERThe Age Of Kings EP Self-released (2014)Rating: 5.5/10 Hamish Murray (vocals), Ben Jays (guitar), Kieran Gallagher (guitar), Tooley (bass) and Nikki Terror (drums) are the musicians who make up the current line-up of Fallen Order. The band originates from New Zealand and has existed in some form since 2005, but The Age Of Kings […]

MORFIN – Inoculation (2014) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

MORFINInoculation FDA Rekotz (2014)Rating: 7.5/10 Isn’t it great to know that old school death metal is still alive and well, and influencing all manner of extreme bands? Morfin is the latest bunch of lunatics to emerge from the impressive FDA Rekotz roster. Inoculation is their debut slab, featuring ten grisly cuts that should please any […]

READY, SET, FALL! Release Debut Studio Album ‘Memento’ (February 21st, 2014) | News @ Metal Forces Magazine

READY, SET, FALL! Release Debut Studio Album ‘Memento’ February 21st, 2014 Genoa, Italy-based alternative death metal group Ready, Set, Fall! issued debut studio full-length album Memento on February 21st, 2014 in Europe through Lifeforce Records. The label also scheduled North American issue for March 4th. The track listing was as follows; 01. ‘Deceiving Lights’ 02. […]

CEASELESS TORMENT – The End They Bring (2014) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

CEASELESS TORMENTThe End They Bring BWK (2014)Rating: 8/10 Finnish thrashers Ceaseless Torment has been plying their deadly trade since August 2008. The End They Bring is their debut album, featuring eight tracks which in total run for just over 30 minutes. The band is fronted by Sebastian Fredriksson who, alongside Kim Lappalainen, is responsible for […]

HATRIOT – Dawn Of The New Centurion (2014) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

HATRIOTDawn Of The New Centurion Massacre (2014)Rating: 9/10 Steve “Zetro” Souza and colleagues are back, hot on the heels of their impressive debut opus Heroes Of Origin (2013) which blew me away. And I’m more than happy to report that Hatriot’s second slab of burning metal, Dawn Of The New Centurion, is another thrash feast […]

METAL INQUISITOR – Ultima Ratio Regis (2014) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

METAL INQUISITORUltima Ratio Regis Massacre (2014)Rating: 8/10 Formed in the late 90s by lead guitarist Blumi and drummer Witchhammer, Germany’s Metal Inquisitor have plodded along steadily through the years, releasing a batch of decent albums best described as full on heavy metal. Although Witchhammer fled the nest in 2000, the band has been prolific when […]

OVERLAND – Epic (2014) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

OVERLANDEpic Escape Music (2014)Rating: 8.5/10 British rocker Steve Overland is a musical journeyman, having once fronted one of my favourite bands FM many years ago as well as doing stints with Wildlife, The Ladder, So! and Shadowman. Under his own name, Overland has released third studio opus Epic. This 12-track platter comes five years after […]

HATRIOT Release Second Full-Length Album ‘Dawn Of The New Centurion’ (February 21st, 2014) | News @ Metal Forces Magazine

HATRIOT Release Second Album ‘Dawn Of The New Centurion’ February 21st, 2014 San Francisco, California-based thrash metal group Hatriot issued second full-length album Dawn Of The New Centurion on February 21st, 2014 through Massacre Records. The record was previously scheduled for release on January 24th. Juan Urteaga handled production duties yet again, with Mark DeVito […]

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