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HELSTAR – XXX: 30 Years Of Hell (2012) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

HELSTARXXX: 30 Years Of Hell AFM (2012)Rating: 7.5/10 Underground purveyors of metal, Helstar, are back again. This time around they bring their onslaught to the masses via a double live disc and DVD combo that celebrates 30 years of making metal (albeit on and off). Considering that the Houston, Texas-based band recorded albums during the […]

GRAVE DIGGER – Clash Of The Gods (2012) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

GRAVE DIGGERClash Of The Gods Napalm (2012)Rating: 6.5/10 I never thought Grave Digger could stir my innards again. The fiery days of Heavy Metal Breakdown (1984) and Witch Hunter (1985) seem so long ago, but hell, these German metalheads have produced a pretty decent power metal opus, one that is big on melody, loud in […]

SCUM OF THE EARTH – The Devil Made Me Do It (2012) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

SCUM OF THE EARTHThe Devil Made Me Do It Goomba Music (2012)Rating: 5/10 Scum Of The Earth was brought to life to continue bringing horror infused electro-metal to the masses while Mr. Zombie went off to Hollyweird to try his hand at filmmaking. Turns out Commander Zombie never came back for the squad in any […]

KATATONIA – Dead End Kings (2012) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

KATATONIADead End Kings Peaceville (2012)Rating: 6.5/10 While early Katatonia works launched the seedy underground sound the band is known for (along with My Dying Bride and Anathema), it’s their more melancholy, rock inspired sound that has dominated the Swedish band’s output in the new millennium. While it still seems to be something that divides the […]

GRAVE – Endless Procession Of Souls (2012) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

GRAVEEndless Procession Of Souls Century Media (2012)Rating: 8.5/10 Grave have been one of my favourite death metal bands for many years; a band that consistently produce high quality death metal. Although lacking originality, or thrills (not that they are required), here’s a band who go for the throat with their drawn out, downtuned riffs and […]

BLACK LIGHT BURNS – Grinning Like A Slit (August 2012) | Features / Interviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

BLACK LIGHT BURNS – Grinning Like A Slit Anthony Morgan August 2012 Wes Borland Industrial metal outfit Black Light Burns formed in 2005, the brainchild of Limp Bizkit / ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist Wes Borland. Completing its inaugural recording line-up was guitarist / producer Danny Lohner (ex-Nine Inch Nails), synthesist Josh Eustis (Puscifer), and drummer Josh […]

LYNYRD SKYNYRD – Last Of A Dyin’ Breed (2012) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

LYNYRD SKYNYRDLast Of A Dyin’ Breed Loud And Proud (2012)Rating: 7.5/10 Lynyrd Skynyrd is quite likely the most complicated band on the planet to compare to themselves. The southern rockers have two distinct eras to their career, the first of which damn near created a style of music, and the second carried on the legacy […]

KISS – Destroyer: Resurrected | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

KISSDestroyer: Resurrected Mercury (2012)Rating: 9/10 (album) / 3/10 (bonus content) I love reissues, expanded editions, special editions, remixed classics, and all manner of clever ways companies get you to re-purchase things you already own. Kiss’ mighty Destroyer (1976) is the latest to get the treatment, but what fans assumed would turn into a wild treat […]

FOZZY – Sin And Bones | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

FOZZYSin And Bones Century Media (2012)Rating: 5/10 This one time glorified cover band, has made a serious run on becoming a force in metal music over the last couple albums. Featuring wrestler Chris Jericho (once known as Mongoose McQueen) on vocals and lead guitarist / songwriter Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo / ex-Adrenaline Mob) alongside drummer […]

STEVE VAI – The Story Of Light (2012) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

STEVE VAIThe Story Of Light Favored Nations (2012)Rating: 6.5/10 Best known to hard rock fans as the guitarist for David Lee Roth and Whitesnake during the respective height of each of their careers, Steve Vai is known worldwide as one of the premier guitarists in the world today. In fact, he is one of a […]

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