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YOUNG HEART ATTACK – Rock And Awe (2008) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

YOUNG HEART ATTACKRock And Awe Not On Your Radio (2008)Rating: 8/10 My favourite Texans come storming back with what, rather tragically, became their second and final album before they disappeared off the face of the planet. Their 2004 debut opus Mouthful Of Love was, admittedly, a hard act to follow, as it was a searing […]

CATARACT – Cataract (2008) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

CATARACTCataract Metal Blade (2008)Rating: 7/10 Cataract are Swiss hardcore legends, although they often get lumped into the abused metalcore genre. Cataract is the band’s fifth album and celebrates their decade long dominance of their scene. Coming on the heels of 2006’s Kingdom, an album that leans more towards the metal side of the music, the […]

MESHUGGAH – obZen (2008) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

MESHUGGAHobZen Nuclear Blast (2008)Rating: 8.5/10 For the last 20 years Sweden’s Meshuggah have been destroying the planet with their unique sound. Often described as “controlled insanity”, the band has been praised by critics and fans alike for their artistic approach to both album art and music. Meshuggah count themselves among a small circle of bands […]