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PROPHET – Prophet (1985) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

PROPHETProphet Total Experience (1985)Rating: 10/10 This is unbelievable; a classic pomp LP if ever there was one. Beyond Sugarcreek? Well, I’ll leave that up to you. How disco label Total Experience ever picked up on Prophet must be quite some story, but let’s just be thankful that they did. What we have here is pomp […]

CRISIS – Bite The Bullet (MF11, 1985) | Features / Interviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

CRISIS – Bite The Bullet Dave Reynolds Metal Forces, Issue 11 (1985) Crisis (l-r): Dane Thomson, Jeff Cross and Bret Desmond It’s not often I get thrown in at the deep end and have to do an interview with a band I know little or nothing about. In the case of Crisis, all I knew […]

GRIFFIN – Semi-Thrash With A Vengeance (MF11, 1985) | Features @ Metal Forces Magazine

GRIFFIN – Semi-Thrash With A Vengeance Kelv Hellrazer Metal Forces, Issue 11 (1985) Griffin (l-r): Tom Sprayberry, Billy McKay, Mike ‘Yaz’ Jastremski, Rick Wagner and Rick Cooper Pic: Joe Martino The Griffin in Greek mythology is known as the protector of truth and the protector of death; enter Griffin the band, masters of semi-thrash. All […]

STORMBRINGER – Demo (1985) | Demo Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

STORMBRINGER Stormbringer (1985) Not to be confused with the Swiss Rainbow clones, this Swedish act were formed in 1982, and despite being grossly underproduced have quite a neat line in metallic wall of noise style material. I was truly blown away by the unbearable but delightful chaos of ‘Free’. There are traces of a more […]

METAL FORCES – Issue 11 Magazine Cover (1985) | Photo Galleries @ Metal Forces Magazine

METAL FORCES – Issue 11 Magazine Cover (1985) « Previous Cover Next Cover »

ONSLAUGHT – Power From Hell | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

ONSLAUGHTPower From Hell Children Of The Revolution (1985)Rating: 10/10 I must admit that I’ve never heard of Onslaught before, but this four-piece from Bristol, England, have certainly come up with one of the best black / death metal albums of the year so far. True, the band are not treading any new ground – it’s […]

HELLOWEEN – Helloween (1985) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

HELLOWEENHelloween Noise (1985)Rating: 9/10 Helloween were the pick of the bands that appeared on last year’s Death Metal compilation album, and they’ve certainly come up with the goods on their debut mini-LP. The twin lead guitar attack of Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath gives the band a slight Iron Maiden-ish feel, especially on ‘Starlight’ and […]