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TYSONDOG – Bite Back (MF10, 1985) | Features / Interviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

TYSONDOG – Bite Back Bernard Doe Metal Forces, Issue 10 (1985) Tysondog (l-r): Paul Burdis, Alan Hunter, Clutch Carruthers, Rob Walker and Kevin Wynn With so many British metal bands searching for that sickly US polished heavy rock sound, Tysondog are one of the few bands sticking to their roots and producing metal in a […]

KEEL – The Right To Rock (1985) | Album / EP Reviews @ Metal Forces Magazine

KEELThe Right To Rock Gold Mountain (1985)Rating: 7/10 With friends like Gene Simmons how can anyone possibly go wrong? Maybe someone should ask Trigger that question, wherever they are now. Seriously, Ron Keel is about to break big time with huge dollar signs whirring in front of his eyes, which is what he wanted ever […]

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